Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st Fill

Today was my appointment for my first fill. I had to go to the hospital since doc wanted to the fill under x-ray. It was so quick! I was a little nervous though because the x-ray technician told me that the doc doesn't give numbing shots anymore (why get 2 sticks when really only one is needed). I'm not a fan of needles at all so I was concerned. But it wasn't as bad as I feared. He pressed on my stomach and found the port then said, "You're going to feel a little stick"....well, YES I did....it was uncomfortable but not terrible. He put 2 cc's of saline in then they stood the table up and with the x-ray he watched me swallow about a teaspoon of fluid (nasty tasting stuff....don't know what it was called). I was able to watch on the screen and see the fluid pass through my esophagus, through my band and immediately dump into my stomach. He said, "Yeah, that's too fast. Let's try 3 cc's". So he put in an additional cc of saline. Again I took a drink off the YUCK stuff and saw that it went down a little slower. He said, "That's perfect" and I was done.

He wants me to be on full liquids (mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, soups, etc.) for two days then back to eating normal. Rick was working in Indy today, this is a rarity, so he was able to meet me for lunch at Cracker Barrell. I ate mashed potatoes and gravy. YYUUUUMMMMYY! It was good but unfortunately I was hungry after 2-3 hours. I ate a sugar free pudding cup when I got home, hoping to keep the hunger at bay until dinner. Didn't work too well! I made homemade Cheesy Cream of Broccoli & Potato Soup. I put a few crackers in it. It was good but I'm H-U-N-G-R-Y!!!! Hopefully when I am back on solid food I will be able to eat less food but stay full longer. We'll see!

Oh, by the way....I kicked butt on the treadmill last night. I walked for 20-25 minutes and I would walk really fast for 3-4 minutes getting my heart rate up then slow down for a couple of minutes and speed up again. It was quite a work out for me but I felt good when I was done!

Thanks for checking in on me!


  1. Way to work the treadmill! I hope this fill is a success!

  2. I have never had fluro and dont want to drink the yucky stuff, but I am dying to see it on xray. Neat.

    Way to rock the treadmill!

  3. Hey Good Job on the treadmill..you'll see the time keep accumulating and soon enough you'll be like OMG and I didnt want to get on this thing???

  4. You were on the treadmill longer than I would be. Keep up the great work!

  5. I've never had a fill like that, but think it might be better. I never know if I am too full or not full enough for a few days, and then I just land back in there for an adjustment fill. I think I'd rather drink the gunk and know right then that it's the right amount. I will have to inquire about it next time I am in...