Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm feeling kinda blahhhhh today!  There is so much hype going into the CHRISTmas holiday and then for me it's always a huge let down when it's over.  Usually takes me a few days to get over the fact that it's actually over.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  My younger sister, bro-in-law and nephew & neice arrived in IN safely (treaveling from NC) and will be here until Jan. 2nd.  My older sister, bro-in-law and nephew & neice were able to be at Mom & Dad's for our family Christmas celebration.  My one bro-in-law is an EMT and had to work on Christmas day so the rest of us (12 in total) spent all day Christmas day at Mom & Dad's playing games and eating. We all spent the night....had a big slumber party, the kids really loved it! Then the day after Christmas we had our tradtional B~I~G breakfast and exchanged gifts. 

My Sweetie got me 1/4 ct diamond earrings,  DVD set of  season 2 "Friends" (my favorite show), a pair of gloves and the best thing was that he hand wrote me a letter that made me cry.  He's such a sentimental guy!  The kids got me a pair of cool snow boots which came in handy yesterday for the beautiful snow we got.....too bad we didn't have it for Christmas day.

Other than the fact that I'm bummed that Christmas is over, I'm B~L~A~H because I have been eating horribly and I've not excercised in well over 6 weeks.  I'm so mad at myself! Here I have been given this great opportunity (lap band surgery) to get myself in shape and better health and I've basically wasted the past 2 months.  Even though I have not gained weight I have not lost anymore!  I have decided that I'm going to start the new year off and refocus. I'm thinking I'm going to try the 5 day Pouch Test  ( I'm calling on all my fellow bandsters to see what ya'll think. Do you have any better ideas to motivate me and jump start my weight loss....again?  You ladies have been a wonderful support to me since my surgery and I'm calling on you to help me get this thing back in gear! I am desperate! HELP!


  1. Sweet Pea, I don't know anything about the pouch test, but I know Brooke did it, see if you can check with her. I get the little holiday let down, but this year I am off the whole week after Christmas, not before and I'm loving my vacation time. Got a new cut and style today with color, got a manicure tomorrow and I'll be treating myself to the movies soon. I enjoy the relaxing and staying up till all hours without worrying about work. I hope your family visit is lovely. Good luck, you'll get to losing again!

  2. Sweet Pea,
    I totally think the 5 day pouch test is a great way to get a little restriction back and re-motivate yourself - I think Brooke did great with it and will tell you herself.

    It's always hard to come down after a great time at Christmas - now we have to get through New Year - but guess what our resolution won't be this time.. whoooo.. cos we are already living it.

  3. Wow! Can your Santa visit my house? Seriously, it sounds like an awesome Christmas :) Can't wait to check out the ring. . . of course any jewelry is a welcome gift!

    Can't help on the exercise thing as I consider walking to the mailbox invigorating. Hope you can rest up and then get recharged to start the new year!