Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still doing liquids/full liquids

So far today I've had no stuck issues. Yesterday morning was the worst episode I've ever had! (Got stuck eating Greek yogurt with just a little bit of bran cereal in it) I was miserable for almost 2 hours. I litterally had to leave work so that I could slime in private! Not a good feeling. I made homemade black bean soup (thanks Amy W for the recipe) Tuesday night and baiscally that, Greek yogurt and water are all I'm taking in. I want to have a couple of no stuckage days before I try to introduce soft/mushy food. Thanks Sandy Lee for the advice.  Hope that things are going well for you now too.

My weekend starts at 3PM today.....yeah me!


  1. Hey sweatpea! I had that for lunch today~!

    You never emailed me your address for the jeans. if you still want them they are yours!

  2. I kept to fluids yesterday and today and am so much better. Not rushing other solid foods. Just something else to learn.

    I feel your pain :-)

  3. Oh you poor girl. Stuck on yoghurt? That really bites. Glad you're feeling better now. You will need those fluids - you're probably now swollen.

  4. Stuck on yogurt? Must have been the cereal...I hate stuck!! Hope your feeling better and that the restriction is perfect.