Sunday, August 16, 2009

My top 10

I thought it would be fun to post the top things I want to do after I am at a healthier weight!

10. Run & play with my kids but not be huffing & puffing
9. Wear shorts and not be embarrassed.
8. Walk up a flight of stairs and not be short of breath
7. Leave the lights on ......if ya know what I mean!
6. Sit on my hubby's lap and not worry about hurting him
5. Shave my legs/paint toe nails without straining
4. Buy a sexy sundress and wear it for my husband (his
3. Find myself in more family photos instead of BEHIND the
camera all the time.
2. Have one of those old fashioned "bar maid" pictures made
for my hubby to drool over.
1. Stop being a wall flower because I am uncomforable with
how I look.

Tonight Rick, Bekah and I took a nice walk. Would have walked longer but it is HOT here! I'm ready for Fall which is my favorite time of the year.

Two more days and I'll be two weeks post-op. I'm feeling good though I am hungry more and more. Two ounces of food three times a day is not much food. I am still amazed at how little I am eating. It will probably be a month or so before my first fill which will give me more restriction and help with the hunger thing. I'm still a little sore around my port site which is certainly to be expected considering the dr. sewed the port to the inside of my abdomen wall. But, it's much better than it was initially. I'm down 17 pounds but I'm a little disappointed that I can't even tell by looks or by the fit of my clothes that I am losing. I'm just anxious for someone to see me and notice that I've lost weight.

I'm finally starting to "enjoy" my protein shakes. I'm sipping my second one for the day. They are going down much easier now....thank goodness. I'm supposed to drink two 16 oz. shakes a day. Because I am eating such small amounts of food right now the protein shakes provide the protein that I need to heal properly and stay healthy!


  1. Um. . . I am pretty sure several of those list items would be on my top ten list too. I think it is good to set goals though. It sounds like you are making alot of progress. . . 17 lbs is something to be proud of :)

  2. Don't get down about not being able to see a difference. I am not sure of your starting weight, but I started at 327, and it was probably 20lbs before I even noticed my clothes fitting slightly different and somewhere between 40-50 pounds before others started to notice. I saw the Time Travelers Wife as well, but I had just finished the I was prepared. But the love story was uplifting to me! That part was a happy thing I think!