Saturday, August 22, 2009

I almost forgot.... post a comment about my "weight loss". Let's just say that right now it's NOT happening! I've put back on 3 of the 19 pounds I had lost since surgery. I'm trying to not be frustrated but it's hard. I do know that I won't be losing much more weight until I get my first fill. If I haven't explained it before, a fill is when the doc will put a small amount of saline into my band, using the port sewn into my abdomen wall. The saline will make my band tighter around the top of my stomach. This makes my new stomach smaller so I won't be as hungry as often! And when I do eat it will help me to stay full longer. Below, is a picture of what the lap band looks like as well as a decription of the lap bad I pulled off of

This option restricts how much the stomach
can hold by placing an adjustable band
around the upper part of the stomach.
There is no cutting or stapling needed to
divide the upper stomach pouch from the
lower stomach. The result is you take in
less food. But unlike stomach stapling,
the LAP-BAND® System can be adjusted
to suit your situation and can be removed
if necessary.
The LAP-BAND® System uses new surgical
technology to help you lose weight by
reducing how much your stomach can hold
and lengthening the feeling of being full.

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