Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kind of a sad evening

Tonight we had a going away party at my sister's house for her son, my oldest nephew, who leaves for college on Tuesday! Where did the last 19 years go? I remember the day he was born. I remember rocking him to sleep. I remember changing his diapers. Somebody put the brakes on.....time is flying by way too fast! I am so proud of him though. He graduated 3rd in his class, received multiple scholarships and is going to Indiana University. He tried out for the cheer squad and made it!!!! He is an awesome tumbler! When he was little I would always say to him, "Are you my Sugar Baby?" and he would say "yes". Then I would say, "Will you always be my Sugar Baby?" and he would smile and say "yes". I ask him those two questions tonight and he STILL answered "YES" to both of them.

However, the going away party was not good for my "diet". We had some great food though I did not overeat which felt good. We sat around a bonfire and I had to have at least a couple of roasted marshmallows. But probably should not have eaten the piece of apple pie! UGGHHH! Ready for that fill!!!!!!!

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