Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 week "bandiversary"

Six weeks ago today I had my band put in. I am so glad I am where I am today. That was a rough first couple of weeks. But today I am feeling good and I'm (still) 18 pounds down.

I haven't heard from my doc yet about when my fill is scheduled for. Hopefully they will call tomorrow!

We had a great time in NC visiting my sister and her family. Had some awesome seafood (crab cakes & shrimp) while there as well as a piece (0r two) of my niece Gabi's birthday cake.

Not much to report right now other that I have really been slacking the past few days at exercising. I've got to get back on track!!!!!


  1. Didnt it just fly by? Congrats on 18 pounds in must 6 weeks chica! This is just the beginning!

  2. Join the club! Who can get motivated to exercise???? Ugh. Let me know if you figure out the secret to making it enjoyable :)

  3. 18 lbs in 6 weeks!?! That is amazing progress...keep it up. :)

  4. Hey! Im Kristen! Congrats on the 18 pounds you have lost :) I know it feels good! I will be banded by the end of October...hopefully and I cant wait!! Follow my blog if you get a chance :) Have a good day!