Monday, November 2, 2009

Protein Drinks

Just a quick fly by post to ask my fellow bandsters....."Are you still drinking protien drinks daily?"

I must admit that I am not but I really think I should be.  I am just having a hard time finding one that tastes GOOD and that I don't have to gag down!

Please post if you have any suggestions on how I can get my daily protein in!

BTW - I've lost another 1.5 pounds bringing me to a total lost of 32.5!


  1. I actually did just buy a new 4 pack of protein drinks... mostly because I'm at a point of restriction now that I'm starting to have "stuck" episodes!

    I drink the Atkins Shakes.... easy protein, low on sugar.

  2. I have not been doing protein drinks at all. I get plenty of protein through my meals...but that may change with more restriction.

    I think the standard advice is do not drink your protein, eat it because you will stay full longer. But whatever works, I say.....

  3. I tend to drink a protein drink for breakfast because my band is so tight in the mornings. I have a coffee (to warm it up - for some reason this seems to help) then an hour or so later my shake. Sometimes I struggle also to eat my lunch so occasionally on those days I have another shake. But then it makes me wonder if I shouldn't push through the barrier.. if just drinking instead of persevering makes the band that bit tighter because the liquids go down easier. It's quite tricky.

  4. I too don't have enough restriction right now to need the drinks. If you can't get all of it in with regular food you might try a protein bar instead; it seems those would keep you fuller longer.