Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kettle Bells

Well, I finally got my 5# kettle bell (had to special order it into my local Walmart store).  I'm embarrassed to admit that the 10# bell was just too much for me to start out with.  I will work up to it I am sure!  WOW....what a workout!  I was dripping with sweat but it sure did feel good.  My DD kept asking, "Mommy, are you okay".......huffff.....pufffff......yes I am fine!

I think I'm going to try to do the workout 2 times a week and then walk the rest of the time. Possibly working up to 3 times a week.  Time goes by fast when I'm doing it so that's good since I HATE exercising!

Not much else to report today.  Sorry but I live a boring life. Although I am working on an "ABC" getting to know me thingy.  Things are S-L-O-W here at work!

Ta-Ta for now!

Check out the following link if you have time.  It's an article in our local paper about my nephew.....I'm such a proud aunt!


  1. I will check the article out! I too hate exercising, but after I finish I always feel so good! Enjoy your kettleball!

  2. A kettleball huh? Ok what is this? lol I don't think I've heard of it (is it like a medicine ball, big, round and very heavy, made of leather?) You're nephew is great - and you should be proud. He's making his mark on the world :) Congrats on starting the workouts.. its the beginning of something wonderful

  3. OOps kettleBELL .. mispronunciation plus lol soz