Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still not eating much

I'm pretty much convinced that before noon I might as well stick with fluids.  Nothing much else will go down. I had one bite of pound cake (I know....not a healthy choice but at this point just trying anything because I'm hungry!) and was painfully stuck.  Had some refried beans for lunch with a flour shell & melted cheese.  That went down fairly well.  Tonight we had homemade tacos and I was able to eat two without getting stuck.  I'm still feeling a little hungry in my tummy but I decided I'd better not push it. 

I go to see my doc for my 4 month check up on Tuesday and I will be very honest with him on my "stuck issues" though I really hate the thought of having to have some of the fill taken out. But whatever doc says I'll abide by.

Rick and I put the Christmas tree up yesterday so we are already enjoying the holiday season.  This is my favorite time of the year.  I hope ya'll are doing well.  I am far behind on reading everyone's blogs but hope to catch up soon.  Thanks for checking in on me!



  1. Sarah, I hope your fill loosens up a bit and you don't need an unfill! Good sign that the two tacos worked, I think. Happy early Christmas!

  2. OOOh we just did our Christmas tree today. I hope - like Gen - that things loosen up. Feels like we are going a bit backward when fill needs taking out. Have faith it will loosen!

  3. I'm right with you on the unfill. I don't get in to my dr until 12/16 and i'm convinced that it's liquids until afternoon for me too. That is my new strategy and it seems to be working. Keep us posted on what your doc has to say!

  4. I was wondering how you were doing. At least you are able to eat a few things. Woo hoo on the Christmas decorating, once you get the tree up you just feel happier, huh?