Saturday, January 16, 2010

Questions answered

I had a few questions posted regarding my last blog, "National Delurking Day".  I don't know how to link to other's blogs so I will just have to identify everyone by their screen name.  Here are the questions and answers.

Amy W asked: "Have you ever broken any bones"?

Well, not in the usual way the most people break bones (by accident). When I was a Freshman in High School I had corrective foot surgery and the doctor broke both of my big toes using a little chain saw…..and I was awake for the whole thing! Freaky!

The "other Sarah" asked:  "Did you ever go through a stage of spelling your name without the "H"?

No I never did spell my name without the “H”.  I was always proud of my name and the fact that my parents chose a Biblical name for me. I actually get very offended when people spell my name without the “H”.

Carla asked "Why did you spell your daughter's name the way you did"?

I chose to spell my daughter's name (Rebekah Faith, nickname Bekah) the way we did because I wanted it to be spelled like it was in the Bible. I also thought it was cool that my name ended in “ah” and so does hers.

Thanks for the questions ladies and for "delurking".  Keep those questions coming.  I think it's fun to get to know each other by asking randmon questions.

I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


  1. Cool answers!!

    Just answering your question now lol. I got the cute little tops from a boutique called New Town. I don't know if they have that store in the US.. but I did post the pics because for us bandits losing weight they are so handy - and adorable. Hopefully you find something similar. Caroline - one of my blog buds mentioned they call them a 'shrug' in England. Maybe if you say you were looking for one of those - it might narrow it down for you. Good luck finding what you want :)

  2. Hey Sarah, have a prayer request not a question...hope you dont mind. I am asking all my friend in faith to include my husband and I in their prayers since we are trying to get things moving in a purchase of a home. And I want to ask that if this is meant to be that God open the doors and give us those keys and if not that he guide us the way that we are meant to go...even though I would love for this to work out and finally be able to start a family !!

    i would really appreciate it !!!