Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

Yup, it's Bekah turns 9!   N~I~N~E years old..............where did the time go?!?

I love you Bekah Boo!
I pray God's blessing on you today and ALWAYS!
I'm so proud of the little lady that you are becoming.


  1. She is a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Bekah!! They grow up too fast!! Hope she has a great Birthday today!!

  2. Happy Bday Bekah ! Love how you spell her name !!

  3. She's so sweet! What a gorgeous little girl and with you at the helm, she's going to grow into a lovely, independent woman. Happy Birthday, Bekah! Have a fun day.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday, Bekah!!!! Nice job on the photo collage. . . how did you do that?