Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I can't get out of this funk

I don't like myself right now. I'll just be real blunt about it.  I went to all the trouble and expense to have this wonderful lap band surgery and I still feel like a failure.  I am still stuck at 37-42 pounds lost (depends on what day I weigh) and have been stuck for probabably 6 weeks now.  No, I have not been exercising.....I'm lazy and No, I have not been eating as I should.  I am hungry alot and I am tired and sluggish feeling. All I can think about is eating sweets and carbs!  What is wrong with me. Why can't I shake this?

I am going to Zumba tonight come hell or high water so maybe that will make me feel a little better. Who knows!?!

Okay, just had to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.



  1. Sarah,
    We all get that way sometimes. The good thing about the band is that when you are ready to start working it it will work again. I hope you go to Zumba and start feeling better. You are doing awesome with the weight loss. Kick the funk to the curb!!!

  2. Oh Sarah - I feel for you - but hang in there. You are doing great 42 lbs is nothing to sneeze at!

  3. 42 lbs is HUGE.

    I stayed at certain weights for upwards of 6 weeks so I totally get where you're coming from. It's f*cking frustrating. But maybe you just need to be there? I don't mean that in the jerk way, I mean, maybe it's just a little rest stop while your body gets used to losing 42 LBS!!!! and your head adjusts, too?

    I have a feeling now that you posted this and vented your frustration the scale will move :-)

  4. Wow! 42 pounds!! That's awesome. Don't beat yourself up, Sarah. That's an old habit we have a hard time shaking, isn't it? Beating yourself up won't help at all - keep up your hard work, it will pay off (and it has so far!). Tell me what you think of Zumba - I've been threatening to take it...

  5. I am right there with you...really struggling because the scale is not moving. It is sooo frustrating. How do you like zumba? I am thinking about ordering the dvd's.

  6. More fill!!! Can you do that? I am at my sweet spot right now and I have NO cravings, it is just a miracle. But I am up to 7.4ccs in a 10 cc band.

    Exercise will help a bunch too - Zumba is great! Good for you. Exercise improves your mood -- that is maybe the best benefit of all!

    Keep at it, the weight will come off!