Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tom and Jerry on a Saturday morning

Wow! That brings back memories.  Xavier (almost 6 YO nephew) and Gabi (3 YO niece) spent the night last night and we are up this morning watching Tom & Jerry.  Rick is working today but so far has no calls.  (He's on call tomorrow, praying that he doesn't get any calls and so that he can go to church!!!!)  I feel motivated today to get some organizing done around the house.  My sister Rachel is here too and she's the Orginizational Queen!  Hopefully we'll get some things accomplished.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


  1. Oh how i remember saturday mornings and how they were just meant for the saturday cartoons !! I so miss those days !! ENJOY

  2. Saturday mornings were made for cartoon days. . . especially Tom and Jerry. They don't make classics like those anymore :)

  3. My kids love this too. Love your blog layout. Just found you. Would love it if you followed me too.