Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Eats

Just for fun (and to give me some different ideas) will all you fellow banders post what a typical good food day looks like for you?  Just list what you eat for meals/snacks for a day.  Thanks and I really appreciate it!



  1. coffee
    breakfast greek yogurt
    lunch zone bar or lean cuisine
    dinner 3-6 oz piece of turkey meatloaf (tonight)

  2. *Coffee
    *Protein shake or zone bar for breakfast
    *Leftovers from the night before for lunch
    *String cheese for a snack
    *Usually some type of ground turkey or chicken meal that is saucy for dinner
    *Rice cake w/peanut butter for a snack

  3. Breakfast: Protein drink of some kind--today it's CLICK; Tasty Bite Madras Lentils if I absolutely cannot stand something sweet.
    Lunch: 3in of a Subway sammich on flatbread; the innards of a taco or half of the innards of a burrito from Rubio's; ~2oz of a protein and steamed veggies.
    Dinner: Pizza made on naan; turkey meatballs and veggies; homemade taco innards.
    Snack: Almonds; a LARABAR if I haven't had much else to eat; steamed veggies.

    Does this help?

  4. Sure thing hot stuff. A good day looks like this:

    Breakfast: Either a fiber bar or protein bar, or a banana with some peanut butter.

    Snack: on a great day, there is no snack. If it's a so-so day, I might have some peanuts, fruit, or a little bag of chips

    Lunch: homeade soup. Tomato, black bean, etc. Or left overs which might include turkey meatloaf, pulled pork, etc. I bring them in a cup sized container.

    Dinner: Some of my regular meals might be: turkey meatloaf, pulled pork soft taco, lean beef spaghetti or pasta, oven baked pork chop, etc. And I have a veggie side like green beans or peas.

    Dessert: I ususally always do a little something. Either 100 calorie cup sherbert, skinny cow, etc.

    Lots of water all day.

    The end.

  5. Typical day for me:
    Breakfast: slimfast
    Snack: 1 oz cheese
    Lunch: Greek yogurt or tuna
    snack: protein bar
    Supper: small helping of whatever I make, usually chicken or pork w/veggie
    100oz of water

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