Monday, August 10, 2009

6 days post-op

Today is the first day that I have felt like posting. I'm not doing very well with my goal of posting daily! Hopefully the futher out from my surgery date I get the better I will do.

We my surgery went very well (on Tuesday, 8/4). I spent one night in the hospital. DH stayed with me. I was up and walking within 2 hours of being brought up to my room. When my feet first hit the floor....OUCH but not nearly as bad as when I had my hyseterectomy 10 years ago. I walked at LEAST every two hours while I was in the hosptial (sometimes hourly). The more you walk the better you feel and it helps with the gas pain from surgery.

I was released shortly after noon on Wednesday the 5th. We made the hour long drive home, I slept most of the way. It felt good to be home. I relaxed in the Lazy Boy the rest of the day/night, dozing off and on.

Thursday, DH went back to work. I spent most of the day in the chair again. Getting up every couple of hours to walk, go to the bathroom. Still taking the prescription narccotics so I was pretty groggy.

Friday I had had enough of the drugs. Switched to liquid Extra Strentgh Tylenol and did very well.

Saturday the depression hit me and I was just sure it wasn't going to happen to me but it did. Part of my problem was that DH was going to have to leave on Sunday for a week long business trip out of state. I was paniced thinking of how could I take care of me and take care of DD, go back to work and get DD ready for back to school.

After a few tense hours, DH's boss said "family first" and cancel the trip! Yeah, I immediately felt better. Slept good that night.

Sunday, lazed around. DD came home from her dad's house. We went to my parent's house for a change of scenery. My dad cooked out on the grill. Though I am supposed to be on full liquids until tomorrow (Tuesday) I was having a really rough time of it. I spoke to my BFF who had lap band done 2 years ago. She said EAT something with flavor! So I ate tiny amounts of green beans, sweet potatoe, cottage cheese and ground beef. It went well though a couple of hours after eating I felt bloated and miserable. Figure that I may have overdone it or eaten to fast or whatever??? It's a learning process.

Today I am 6 days post-op and DUH this whole experience has been much harder than I anticipated. Even though I heard over and over that "it's not going to be easy" and "don't be surprised if you go thru a bit of depression"....yeah right! I thought NOT ME! But I was wrong. The past 2 days have been particularly hard on me, physically and emotionally. I guess physically because I'm NOT 20 anymore and I forget it takes longer for me to heal! Emotionally for several reasons. One being that I keep thinking "Did I make a mistake doing this surgery?", "Am I ever going to feel back to normal", "What if I fail", etc.

I am back to work today (office job) and that truly has helped. I still just feel a little BLAH!

I continue to be discouraged because I can't get my daily fluids in and I HATE the protein shake. I have yet to get the 32 oz daily recommended amount in. While I am complaining, I hate the children's chewable vitamin (I gagged on it this AM)!

Oh one more thing.....I am hungry alot! Can't wait for that first fill but who knows when that will be. My post-op appt. is 9/3.

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