Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm just curious to know how many of you fellow bandsters are keeping food journals? It's a pain in the butt and to be honest I have not been doing a great job of doing it. I just wondered what all of you successful bandsters have been doing!



  1. Hey Sarah, I totally keep a food journal. It helps me stay within my daily calorie limit as well as keep me on good food behaviors. It's a pain at the beggining but once you get use to it,it just becomes part of your day.

  2. I do it, but then I am a newbie so not sure how I will do long term, but I keep hearing what the say in our support meetings "journaling is the single most important thing to your success" as proven by bandsters that have gone before us. If that is the worse thing I have to do, I am all over it!

  3. Sarah, I'm in your boat, it's kinda hit or miss right now, but I'm striving to be like Kinzie! And she's right here to keep me accountable!! I got the realize band and there is a food diary portion in there that I try to keep up with. I'm going to do better!
    OH, and give that other 4 pieces of chocolate AWAY or toss em, you KNOW you'll eat em if they are still in your drawer! lecture over!

  4. I do not. There was about a week when I tracked on dailyplate, but nah...not for me. I am too lazy to stick to it, and I didnt have the band to have to do a food journal for the rest of my life. I think they can be great ways to figure out your caloric intake, etc...esp if you are not losing or losing control of your eating... Whatever works ya know?

  5. At first I was determined not to have to do it. Then the scale stopped moving so I did it for like a week. I keep going on like this, a few weeks no journal and then a week with it. I like this because it gives me a reality check every now and then. Sometimes you can think you are eating the right amount of cals but you forgot about that peice of candy you ate eariler or you tasted the food every minute while you were cooking it lol. The hidden calories sneek in there when you don't right down so I just do the journal everynow and then to help me to remember.

  6. I don't -- I always hated having to track on WW. I do think over what I ate at the end of each day though. . and I weigh myself every morning. So, that keeps me on top of how I'm doing on a daily basis, and this seems to work fine for me.