Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back down

I know that I should not weigh before I go to bed a night, it just doesn't make good sense but I did weigh last night and I weighed 216 (that is with the 5 pounds back on that I mentioned yesterday).  So, just for grins, I weighed this AM as soon as I got up and I weighed 211! Back down to my lowest post surgery weight!  How does that happen?

I've been having a problem with getting stuck when I eat certain foods lately.  When I got my last fill for the first week or so I didn't have any problems.  I ate, got full, stopped and not problems (no getting stuck).  Now, I would say for the last 3 weeks, I get stuck all the time and usually after only a couple of bites. It's very painful and usually takes 15-20 minutes to pass.  (I don't PB, just have major pain in my chest).  Today I feel my iced tea passing through my throat.  It doesn't get stuck but it feels like it's passing over a "bump" so to speak and then it goes down.  Any suggestions? Do I need to go to all fluids or mushies for a few days? Have I irritated something and do I need to let it settle down?  Please help me out ladies....I need your advice.  I don't want to call the doc if I don't need to and I certainly don't want to have to pay for an unfill if it's not necessary.



  1. It certainly wouldn't hurt to go on soft foods for a few days and see if the problem lessens before calling the doctor. I haven't had any saline added to my band since the end of March and still there are days when it feels looser (i.e. I can eat more) and days when it feels so tight even liquids can be challenging. Neither feeling tends to last for more than 5-7 days before I'm back to what I consider normal - having to eat slowly and only being able to eat 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of food at a time.

  2. Hey Sarah - you know considering that you were fine at the begginning I think that maybe if you give it a couple of days of liquids and then back up slowly to mushies and then solids it might work.

  3. Hi! I'm new to your site, but had to respond b/c the same thing happened to me last week. I felt like I was swallowing over a lump. I went on liquids for a day and a half, and it eventually went away. I think, more than anything, that it's an irritation of the esophagus/stomach?