Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November is 1/2 over

WOW....time just keeps flying by and I'm sure it will only get worse with the holidays coming up!  I've been stockpiling some Christmas gifts along the way and last week I worked on some craft/gifts projects.  Over the weekend I went to Gatlinburg with my 2 sisters and 6 other girlfriends. We had a great time.  Too much food though! I totally "went off the plan" for the weekend although my buddy the band still kept me in line on not eating too much at a time.....I just ate some of the wrong things!  I was so happy to get home to my family.  It's always fun to get away but there's nothing as sweet as being H~O~M~E!  I weighed when I got home Sunday evening (had to email my numbers for "Biggest Loser" competition).......it was not good!  That 5 pound loss I had has crept back up on me----OUCH!  I will not be discouraged though!  I will keep plugging away and keep trying to make good food decisions.

I am so far behind on blog reading.  I'm trying to get caught up but I feel so out of touch with you all!  I hope that everyone is doing well (better than I am anyway) on the weight loss front!  I sure do appreciate my blogger family and all the encouragement, advice, tips that ya'll offer!

Blessing for a good Tuesday!


  1. I was wondering where you have been! Glad to hear that you had a restful and relaxing getaway. Keep on plunging away, you look great!

  2. THey Sweet Pea- welcome back! You'll lose that 5 lbs in no time!

  3. Oh here you are! lol I also wondered.. you'd dropped off the face of the earth. Lovely time you had by the sounds of it and don't worry too much about the little gain, your normal routine will knock that on the head.