Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day.....a day late

I should have posted this yesterday! A very poignant letter written by my hubby on Veteran's Day 2009 (Rick served 4 years in the Army and 4 years in the National Guard). Thought I would post it here for anyone that would be interested in reading his thoughts.



As I sit here waiting for a huge file to download for work I have been thinking about this day, Veteran's Day.

This is the day that all veterans, not just the ones killed defending our country and her interests but each and every man and woman who have made the decision to "roll the dice" and serve.

In the 60s and 70s it was an extremely unpopular thing, to serve in the military. There was a war in Vietnam. Our soldiers were literally spit on and called names like "Baby Killer" and "Asshole". These men and woman didn't really have a choice, alot of them had been drafted. I guarantee you they didn't want to go over there and do the things they had to do. They did as they were told like good Americans.

In the late 70s and 80s we as a nation healed from that experience. Iran took some embassy workers hostage. President Carter attempted to forcably retrieve them, the mission failed and we didn't try again. Then President Reagan took office and the hostages were released. I believe because President Reagan had stated to the effect that he was coming to get them out. This help with the confidence in our military. President Reagan later sent troops into Granada because the Cubans were taking over the island and some American students were in trouble. He did not allow the media to infiltrate the military, preventing the horrors of battle from being piped into our living rooms. Granada was a success.

We went to Honduras & Panama to defend our interests. Then a leader of Iraq invaded a small country called Kuwait. Presiden Bush with the help of 26 other nations drove this army back into the desert...the war lasted 100 HOURS.

We went to Bosnia and Somalia to protect other ethnics from mass murder.

Then on September 11, 2001 WE were attacked. A group of extremist Muslims hijacked 4 airplanes and crashed them into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and a field in PA. We as people have been at war now for 8 years. We have not been attacked again. Why? Because we have brought the war to THEM.

Today, I ask you to acknowledge a veteran. Just smile, or shake their hand, or say thanks. They are the reason you breathe, eat, and sleep without fear of war.

Thanks for listening.



  1. That is very well done! Tell Rick thank you from Amy....and thank you for sharing!

  2. Awesome... Pass on my thanks to Rick too! I've been thanking everyone i know who serves and protects us...